Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wasting Money on an Already Failing System is Unacceptable

I read an article written by one of my classmates, and I do not agree with the idea of segregating genders. I think that plan would be as ineffective as teaching abstinence as the only option for birth control. Our education system in Texas is failing, and it would be irresponsible to use almost $870,000 on a hypothesis that has no proof of success.We cannot prevent teens from having sexual contact, and since that is done outside of school this idea is redundant. 

I think a better plan would be to improve the education and self worth of our youth. Teens with long term goals are less likely to become pregnant at a younger age. Statistics show that the more educated a woman is the less children she has. If a student receives quality public education and better preparation for the future, I think the teen pregnancy rates would decline. Practicing safe sex goes along with being educated, and conservative law makers need to stop being naive about the issue of teen sex. It is impossible to prevent teen relations, but with all around better education the teen pregnancy rates will decrease. 

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