Friday, July 20, 2012

Perry Let Down Texas Again

Governor Perry has once again let down the Texans who need him the most. This well written article highlights the lack of judgment Perry has shown, and the burden every Texan has to bear. This was written for one of the largest metropolitan areas in Texas, and is targeting the working poor. Perry’s choice to pass up millions of dollars of federal funding is a double edged sword. While standing up for Texas sovereignty sounds good for campaign rhetoric, ignoring 6 million uninsured Texans is not.

The decision to not create a state exchange reduces the option to have a plan made specifically for Texas. The author notes that while that would have been ideal, lawmakers put too much stock into the law being overturned. Opting out of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act takes funds away from Texans and provides support other states instead. Texas is in the number one spot for the highest population without insurance, and we cannot afford to pass up on tens of billions of dollars.

A further insult to the working poor was inflicted in the form of the Medicaid program being intentionally under funded by 6 billion dollars. This causes a symbiotic relationship between a higher uninsured population and higher premiums for the insured. If the Republicans are unable to overturn the health care law, the governor needs to provide solutions and admit his mistake. I agree with the major points in the article. I find it frustrating that considering we are in crisis with our citizens not having access to health care that our governor would dare turn down funding without providing another solution.

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